Basic MDB with Scala

While I am Akka fun, Typesafe follower, in this post I will continue presenting scala on JEE 6 environment and introduce basic message driven bean (MDB ) using scala language. [Read More]

Basic WS with Scala

I recently had a chance to work on building SOA platforme using JEE 6 and Scala language. I will share here some snippets my be helpfull to start publishing web services using Scala, Sbt and JAX-WS. Consider the example to calculate the quotient and remainder using euclidean algorithm. Not very... [Read More]

WSDL integration problem : Two declarations cause a collision

Integration always hides some surprises especially when it comes to old systems where quick solutions aren’t the first aid. In this post, we present a strange and rare situation when requesting WS using an old existing WSDL. To make things simple bellow the wsdl and xsd samples : [Read More]

Scala try-with-resources

Have you ever had this duplication of code in java? public void doQuery(String q) throws SQLException { PreparedStatement preparedStatement = null; ResultSet resultSet = null; Connection conn = null; try { conn = getConnection(); preparedStatement = conn.prepareStatement(q); resultSet = preparedStatement.executeQuery(); } finally { close(resultSet); close(preparedStatement); close(conn); } } private static... [Read More]